158cm RE-15 Japanese Mannequin lovely doll big chest flesh skin Sex Doll for man


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Size: 158cm
Material: TPE + skeleton
B/W/H: 80/50/80cm
Hight: 158cm
Net Weight: 31kg
Arm Length: 63cm
Foot Size: 21cm
Vagina Depth: 18cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Function: Vagina/anal/oral/breast sex
Clothing Size: 158( Adult wear)
Accessories: Set of Lingerie (Random Color)  Vibrator  Comb  Wig  Talcum Powder  Lipstick  Vagina Cleaner  Sanitory Gloves  Towel  Massage Oil  Comdoms  USB Heating Stick 
Packing Size: 148*38*28cm

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Before use: clean the product before using the product. In order to obtain a more comfortable experience, we recommend that you use the body of lubricating oil lubricating products.

In Using: in the use of this product, in order to safety and health, you can make use of condoms to experience. Please select comfortable vibration strength.

After used: the product after use, please use warm water to clean it, and then wipe the surface or into the hole to be dry by towel, it is recommended to take a nursing baby powder or powder layer on the surface of the product, make the product to achieve a smooth texture.

Storage: in order to extend the service life of the product, please keep it in a cool place, avoid sunshine, and keep away from children.

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